Artist Brad Robertson and interior designer Natassa Kouromichelakis, have collaborated to launch a timeless gallery in historic downtown New Port Richey, Florida.  Brad and Natassa both earned Bachelor in Fine Arts Degrees, albeit in different disciplines. While Brad studied Digital Design, Natassa earned her degree in Interior Design and Theatre Design. With the encouragement of his professor, Brad turned to painting and has been creating for over 20 years. His passion for art lead him to open 3 galleries in his hometown Mobile, Alabama and now diving all into his next chapter in downtown New Port Richey. They are both eager to share their love for art with you and help you find your next piece.

Concentrating on local and international artist and sculptors, Robertson Gallery provides a platform for established and emerging artist to showcase their work. Whether it's paintings, sculptures, or mixed media pieces, you will find a diverse range of artwork that will spark your imagination and add  a touch of beauty to your space. Along with establishing Robertson Gallery for patrons, they will offer services such as large format prints on canvas and other various papers. In addition to that,  gallery rental, art rental for staging and on-site art consultation will be other services offered. 

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